Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I did not get any post in after we left Virginia.
it is now 4 days till Christmas and here are some pics to show that we are
in wet, cool southern California.
Hiding under the blanket.
Can we say "what can I think of next?"

I like my cousin's hair.

I like Albie. So much that I follow him around with my mouth open going "AAHHH" hoping for a doggie french kiss. My mother is not amused.

On the floor, looking cute.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yes I am alive.

But much like Marilee, I have not posted because I've been afarid that the only thing I would be saying was
Sell this house.
Unlike her, I do not have a good reason yet to resume blogging. House stilling sitting here with me and Albie in it!
But not for the next week. We are leaving today to go to the Great Westie Gathering in Virginia.
Back next week. So until then, if you haven't keeled over in shock yet, Maybe I'll post more then!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take that Flu!!

I did it. I did it. I did it!!!
Even taking three days out of the last five to fight flu, both myself
and the rest
of the family, I got it done.
My Olympic knitting is finished. Bound off and everything. Well, ok it isn't blocked but
I can do that tomorrow. After all the challange was to get it KNITTED!
And I did.
here it is!

Finished at 8:09 Eastern time while NBC was still showing us the highlights and the closing
ceremonies haven't even started!!
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

last from Colorado - Wesley

ok, this is all out of order but first a picture

Help, I'm being held by a daddy!!
And now for the text that should have been above the picture!

Well, when I said that the circus had come to town I didn't have any idea of just how it would go.
Last night would best be called HORRIBLE! Sarah and Reid both stated upchucking in the middle
of the night. As I type this, they are at the urgent care being seen.
So far, Jay is ok, just stuffed up from airplane time and coming to the high altitude. I'm ok but then I was
sick on Tues. Raley and Wes are fine. Raley was the sick one a couple of nights ago! So it
has just been a fun fun time. and We leave tomorrow morning as soon as we can get it all packed up
and then Sarah and Raley are due to leave Sat. morning, hopefully she will be up to it!
So a few last pictures. I may have just a few more by the time I get home but this is it from out here since I will be
packing up the computer this evening.

OH, so YOUR what a Grandpa is!

Random sleep picuture.

That flying flower frog sure is interesting.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Raley's post

She got a new farm for her birthday. A few days early!

with all the animals out.

Ah, comfort and ease when being read to.

She thinks the cage is as much for her as the dogs. It's really Albies but Winston will go
in when he get the chance to check if Albie left any cookie crumbs.
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Wesley post

Alright everyone, it's time for our exercises!!



ok,enough of that, time to rest!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

the circus has arrived.

Sarah and Raley got here yesterday.

Kilroy is here.

Sarah meets her new nephew.

And Raley meets Wesley.

ok, I told you Annie. that is his little finger laying on mine. it is half as long as my adult finger.
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